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Our Group (HEC) is one of the world’s largest providers of management services for environmentally harmful streams. It is a prominent force in the industry with unparalleled experience, internationally recognized for the quality, and reliability of its services.

It began in 1993 with the founding of HEC to manage the liquid residues of ships calling at the port of Piraeus

With continuous investments in both know-how and logistical infrastructure, our company has evolved to not only meet but also exceed the ever-increasing requirements of international environmental legislation. This advancement has led to the creation of a nationwide and, subsequently, a global network of Global Green Ports reception facilities.

Global Green Ports specializes in providing integrated port facility services for the receipt and management of residues, including collection, transportation, storage, and treatment, with a focus on liquid petroleum residues.

Our dynamic partnership includes environmental companies in strategic locations: Greece (HEC S.A.), Germany (Green Ports Hamburg GmbH), Gibraltar (Green Ports Gibraltar), and Malta (Green Ports Malta). These companies, part of our Group, aim to expand environmental protection infrastructure in international ports governed by the MARPOL 73/78 Convention.

Since our establishment, our Group’s headquarters have been located in Piraeus, serving as the central hub for managing our activities. Our operations are supported by state-of-the-art facilities specializing in the treatment of oil residues from marine and industrial sources. These facilities use innovative methods, setting a global standard for process innovation

Our fundamental business activities include:

  • The proper management of residues, including collections, transportation, sorting, and treatment of varied waste types – including oily waste or hazardous substances – both onshore and at sea.
  • The efficient and safe  residue storage, coupled with advanced processes that facilitate waste recovery, recycling and material re-generation.
  • The production of recovered fuel and raw materials tailored for refinery operations and other key sectors such as material and cement industries.

We convert the useless into useful, the harmful into valuable and the pollutant into an energy resource, thus adding another crucial link in the chain of life.

Global Presence

Global Presence


Our company is located in the heart of the Port of Piraeus, from where we manage the provision of environmental services across the country. We are the primary provider of Port Reception Facility services for MARPOL Annex I, II, IV and VI in most major Greek ports, including Piraeus, Elefsina, Heraklion, Patra, Kavala, Alexandroupoli, and Igoumenitsa, among others. Additionally, we provide our waste management services to industries throughout Greece.


  • Collection & Transportation of Oily Waste
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Waste Management
  • Tank Cleaning



Green Ports Hamburg marks our company’s presence in northern Europe, where we collect, transport, process, and dispose of hazardous residues from ships and industries. Specializing in the physico-chemical treatment and biological purification of petroleum residues, our treatment plant, located in the heart of the Port of Hamburg, has the capacity to process large quantities of MARPOL residues, ensuring their safe and environmentally sound disposal.


  • Collection & Transportation of Marpol Waste
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Waste Management
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Emergency Response


Strategically located in the strait separating the continents of Europe from Africa and the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, Green Ports Gibraltar is ready to serve all ships in transit. Fully licensed to collect, transport, and store both liquid and solid MARPOL residues, our company is recognized for providing exemplary environmental services while adhering to the strict regulations of the Port of Gibraltar.

Fully licensed to collect, transport and store both liquid and solid types of Marpol waste, our company is acknowledged for providing exemplary environmental services whilst adhering to the strict rules and regulations of the Gibraltar port.


  • Collection & Transportation of Marpol Waste
  • Vessel Tank Cleaning
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Logistics Coordination


The prime location on one of the globe’s most vibrant shipping lanes, linking Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, cements Malta’s reputation as a dynamic maritime nexus. Green Ports Malta, is a pivotal part of the Global Green Ports Group. Our fleet, operational 24/7, is meticulously engineered for continuous MARPOL waste  collection -regardless of flash point- in Maltese waters.


  • Port reception facilities
  • Collection and treatment of all types of ship generated oily waste
  • Operation in Off Port Limits and Outside Territorial Waters

Our vision

Our organization's vision is to promote the circular economy as a sustainability driver for the future.

Our vision

We provide sustainable solutions for our stakeholders, supporting our vision of a circular economy.


We design the future through a better present. Our goal is not only to act effectively in the now, but to be proactive for a more sustainable future. We focus on research, technology and human resources to develop new infrastructure and expertise for a greener and more sustainable future.

Circular economy. Our commitment to the imperatives and principles of the circular economy is our top strength for a sustainable and green future. Our projects, services and responsibility set an example for companies, partners, customers and the economic community.

Innovation and expertise. Our expertise, state-of-the-art treatment facilities, our highly trained workforce and our proven long-term commitment to protecting the marine environment are the main pillar of our international partnerships, as they have established us in the global environmental industry.


HEC Group provides exemplary services of superior quality in major European ports such as Piraeus, Hamburg, Gibraltar and Valletta.


HEC is one of the largest companies in the waste management sector worldwide, with many years of experience